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Champagne Producer in Damery, in Marne (51)

We are proud to introduce you to Champagne A. LÉTÉ


Dear Friends and Customers,

Our Website is about to be rebuilt. In just a few weeks, our new brand Identity will be unveiled!

It will be previewed at the Wine Paris trade show on 12,13 and 14 february at Porte de Versailles in Paris.

For private customers, you will be informed by Post, in the spring, of all our new products!

We can't wait to present them to you!!

We look forward to letting you taste our new creation

Lete Family

Visit our 9-hectare vineyard located on the right bank of the Marne Valley.

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Over a century of history

Our House was founded by Auguste Lété and his wife Jeanne in 1890, who cultivated their vines on the terroir of Damery, a charming village of 1500 inhabitants in the Marne valley and 7 km from Epernay (the heart of Champagne).

Since 1973, some of the vineyard plots have been taken over by Annick and Philippe Lété. Today, their two children Laetitia and Frédéric, are the ones who continue this tradition. The vineyard belonging to the two families has enabled the creation of our family estate located on 2 terroirs: Damery and Fleury-la-Rivière.

Our aim is to maintain the family spirit, tradition and quality in all our products.

Visit our winery and taste our Champagnes. We are open Monday to Friday from 9 am to 12 pm and from 2 pm to 5.30 pm. Outside our business hours, please make an appointment.

During your visit, we will advise and give you useful tips on how to fully enjoy this exceptional drink.

Do not hesitate to keep up to date with our news (fair dates, deliveries, recipes, events...) and Facebook page!

A Champagne that has maintained the family spirit, tradition and quality

A variety of Champagnes

Champagne is the perfect aperitif wine. It goes well with most meals. It is also a delicate gift and highly appreciated for its lightness and refinement.

As winegrowers for over 4 generations, we produce a variety of quality Champagnes. We offer brut, rosé, demi-sec Champagne...

Our "Carte d'Or", the perfect choice for any event, is also available as demi-sec to accompany your desserts and pastries.

The "Cuvée Extra Réservée" is an assemblage (blend) of the 2 black grape varieties (Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier) made from reserve wines from previous years. It is a first-class accompaniment for your meals.

The "Première Cuvée" is ideal for aperitifs and festive meals. Its demi-sec cuvée goes well with sweet dishes.

The "Cuvée Rosé Tom" is perfect for dessert and aperitif. Its freshness will delight your guests' taste buds, especially women.

The "Cuvée Clara" is a harmonious and elegant Champagne that will suit any event.

Discover a wide selection of Champagnes to enhance all your events at our estate.


If you are travelling by motorhome with the France Passion network, we will gladly welcome you to our estate. Arrival time between 5:30 pm and 6:30 pm.

Our strengths:

  • Since 1890
  • Quality Champagne
  • Availability
  • Tradition
  • Professionalism
  • Experience

Visit our estate for high-quality Champagne.

9 Rue Ernest Vallé

51480 Damery


09 74 56 26 59