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Champagne tasting

CHAMPAGNE A. LÉTÉ invites you to a Champagne tasting at its 9-hectare vineyard in Damery.

Have a pleasant visit to our vineyard.

Winegrowers' Champagne

Champagne is a high-quality gastronomic wine that adds a unique and festive touch to even the most ordinary menus.

Our various Champagnes are produced according to tradition. Our objective is to supply you with fine and elegant cuvées. We offer products that can be served as an aperitif or with meals and desserts.

All your senses will be stimulated during the tasting. Take the time to smell the different fragrances before taking the first sip. Let the bubbles tickle your taste buds and savour the fruity aromas.

Our Rosés Champagnes are highly appreciated by women. They add freshness and originality to your meals.

Treat yourself to the finesse and elegance of our terroir Champagnes

Dégustation de champagne Fleury-la-Rivière
Champagne tasting Damery

Extensive experience

Our house was founded in 1890 by Auguste Lété and his wife on the Damery terroir. Today, our family business has expanded to Fleury-la-Rivière. We have over a century-old know-how in the field of Champagne.

Our vines are located on a south-facing hillside, resulting in excellent maturity at harvest time. We can thus obtain excellent Champagnes either with a single grape variety or by assemblage (blending).

Come taste our products directly at our estate and enjoy a pleasant moment.

We select the best cuvées for the production of our Champagnes

Our services

  • Champagne producer since 1890
  • Champagne grower for 4 generations
  • Brut Champagne producer
  • Rosé Champagne producer
  • Selling of gift boxes

Make an appointment today itself to taste our products.

9 Rue Ernest Vallé

51480 DAMERY


03 26 58 44 50 09 74 56 26 59