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Champagne Producer in Damery: Our Champagnes

Our Rates as of October 1, 2018

This website is only a display of our operation, for any order, please contact us by phone on 03 26 58 58 44 50, by email at champagnealete@orange.fr or by post at 9, rue Ernest vallé, 51480, Damery

Our champagnes Damery

Carte d’Or:

This Champagne made from Pinot Meunier is the perfect choice for any event.

It is also available as demi-sec to accompany your desserts and pastries.


Our champagnes Damery

Cuvée Rosé "Tom":

(Compliment to our grandson and customised muselets with photo)

“Let yourself be seduced by a rosé”

A seductive wine with a ruby colour and red berry aromas that adds a touch of freshness and originality to your table. Popular among the ladies, Cuvée Rosé "Tom" will surprise and delight the eyes and taste buds of all your guests.

Can be served with dessert or as an aperitif.


Our champagnes Fleury-la-Rivière

Cuvée Extra Réservée:

An assemblage (blend) of the 2 black grapes of Champagne with reserve wines from previous years. The constant quality, balance, softness and fruity aromas will be appreciated by all.

It is a first-class accompaniment for your meals.

Bottle: €15.70

Half Bottle: €9,45

Magnum: €35,80

Our champagnes Fleury-la-Rivière

Cuvée Clara:

(Cuvée specially prepared to mark the birth of our granddaughter).

An outstanding Champagne made from the 3 Champagne grape varieties, our brand's flagship. Pinot Meunier brings softness and roundness, Pinot Noir bestows strength with fruit aromas, while Chardonnay completes this blend with its finesse and elegance.

Wine-making according to tradition and 5 years of ageing are the key requirements for perfecting this cuvée.

Cuvée Clara is a harmonious and elegant Champagne that will suit any event.

€19,95/bottle (customised muselet with photo).

Our champagnes Damery

Première Cuvée:

A high-class Champagne, it is the product of a blend between Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. Aged in our cellars for 4 to 5 years.
Pinot noir brings body and structure, while Chardonnay gives finesse and elegance.

This Champagne is ideal for aperitif and festive meals. Also available as demi-sec, this cuvée will go well with sweet dishes.

Bottle: €16,65

Magnum: €37,85

Our tasting suggestion:

How to store your Champagne?

Once you receive your Champagne, store it in a cool and dark place, with the bottle lying flat.

Do not hesitate to leave the bottles to rest for a few days before tasting them.

When to serve your Champagne?

Champagne is the perfect aperitif wine. It also goes well with most meals.

Its lightness, finesse and freshness make it a delicate and highly appreciated gift

How to serve your Champagne?

Your Champagne should be served chilled but not iced, at a temperature of 6° to 8°.

To cool your Champagne, place the bottle in a Champagne bucket with ice for 30 to 40 minutes or at the bottom of your refrigerator the day before your event.

A word of advice: Always have a bottle of Champagne at the bottom of your refrigerator... A friend or relative shows up unexpectedly? CHAMPAGNE A. Lété is ready to be served.

Shipment of your bottles

By carrier:

We ship in boxes of:

  • 3 bottles
  • 6 bottles
  • 12 bottles

The price varies according to the number of bottles and the shipping area. Do not hesitate to contact us to find out about the shipping fee.

Goods are shipped for the account of the client and under his responsibility. In your own interest, always check your items upon arrival and immediately make the necessary claims in the event of damage or dispute.

La Poste: (single preferential rate for France and Corsica)

We ship in boxes of:

  • 3 bottles (€18)
  • 6 bottles (€24)
  • 12 bottles (€31)

Delivery within 48 hours for metropolitan France

Gourmet fairs and markets:

We participate in gourmet fairs and markets all year round. Do not hesitate to check our "news" section to know the dates and benefit from free shipping by visiting our stand.

Sending your bottles

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