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Champagne A.Lété in Damery: Our History

Our House was founded by Auguste Lété and his wife Jeanne in 1890, who cultivated their vines on the terroir of Damery.

At Auguste Lété’s death in 1937, his son Jacques took over the vineyard. He went on to marry Elisabeth. The couple had 4 children, including Philippe, the eldest, who took over part of the estate with his wife Annick in 1973.

Annick Lété descends from another family of winegrowers founded by Gaston Vauthier in 1935 in Fleury-la-Rivière. He married Germaine Docquin and together, they continued to make the vineyard prosper.

In 1961, their daughter Claudine and her husband Fernand took over the family business, followed by Annick, their eldest daughter, in 1985.

Annick and Philippe Lété acquired some of the vineyard plots in 1973. Ever since, the vineyard belonging to the 2 families has enabled us to create our 9-hectare family estate on 2 terroirs: Damery and Fleury-la-Rivière.

They can now rely on the support of their children Laetitia and Frédéric.

Jacques and Elisabeth Lété

Fernand and Claudine Husson-Vauthier

Gaston and Germaine Vauthier


Our goals: To maintain the family spirit, tradition and quality.

Do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to welcome you to our estate.

9 Rue Ernest Vallé

51480 DAMERY


03 26 58 44 50 09 74 56 26 59