Manual riddling

Here we go for 10 days of hand stirring! A magical moment and a crucial stage in the creation of our exclusive cuvées!

But what does manual riddling involve?

Here at Champagne A LÉTÉ, we are proud to perpetuate the tradition of hand riddling, an essential step that sublimates our champagne and gives it its unique finesse and complexity.
Imagine thousands of bottles, each patiently tilted, rotated and then straightened, day after day, for weeks, even months. The aim of this meticulous ballet, performed by our experienced stirrers, is to collect the deposit of yeast residue in the neck of the bottle.

Loin d'être une simple manipulation, le remuage à la main est un art qui exige une maitrise parfaite du geste et une connaissance approfondie du champagne. Nos remueurs, véritables artisans passionnés, possèdent un savoir-faire transmis de génération en génération, garantissant ainsi la qualité exceptionnelle de nos cuvées.

Manual riddling is not just a question of tradition, it also adds an undeniable qualitative dimension to champagne. This process allows the sediment to settle more precisely and more gently, preserving the wine's delicate aromas and giving it incomparable finesse.
This is why, at Champagne A LÉTÉ, each bottle is the expression of unique expertise, where passion and precision combine to sublimate the champagne and offer you an unforgettable taste experience.

Come and visit us to discover the secrets of our expertise and taste our hand-stirred champagnes, the fruit of a passionate tradition and an unfailing commitment to excellence.