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Les Scellées

Les Scellées

Leave bottles to rest for 48 hours before tasting.
To prevent the cork from drying out and the gas from escaping, your bottles of Champagne should be stored lying down (this will also prevent cork taint).
If you don't have a cellar, keep your Champagne in its original box and in a cool place.

Light, whether natural or artificial, is to be avoided if the Champagne is not to deteriorate. It is therefore advisable to leave bottles in the dark until tasting.

"Les Scellées", our transparent-bottled cuvée, needs special protection, so don't hesitate to leave it in its box.

Your Champagne should be served chilled but not iced, at a temperature of 8° to 10°. To chill, place the bottle in a Champagne bucket with ice for 30 to 40 minutes or in the bottom of your fridge the day before your reception. Never put the bottle in the freezer!


Les Ainées

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